Best Front Pocket Wallet Under $100 on Amazon


Putting your wallet in your front pocket is good for two things. It is harder for someone to pick your front pocket. And it’s also better when sitting down as a wallet in your back pocket can cause back pain. Here is a list of best front pocket wallets that are under $100.

1Dethler Men’s Bifold Slim Minimalist Fuax Leathler Wallets

Best Front Pocket Wallet Under $100 on Amazon Dethler Men's Bifold Slim Minimalist Fuax Leathler Wallets

Dethlar’s bifold wallet is a great pick for a front pocket wallet. It’s slim design with multiple inserts and a money clip in the center, make this a great pick.

2Made in Mayhem Compact leather wallet for men

With a suede lining and full grain leather, the Made in Mayhem wallet can store 4 to 15 cards and still be small enough to fit in your front pocket.

3Magic Wallet Flap Boy Slim Front Pocket

Jaime Jacobs has a magic fold wallet. You heard us right, it is a magical wallet. So not only does it store your cards, but has a little bit of a trick when storing your cash. Place your cash into the open wallet, close it up and then open it to reveal the cash tucked within the straps. Read more about the instructions and how it works on Amazon. Also a great slim wallet for your front pocket.

4Hemelian Minimalist Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet

The Hemelian wallet is a carbon fiber, RFID blocking metal wallet. Its slim design allows you to store up to 12 credit cards and your money clips onto its carbon fiber money clip.

5HOJ Co. DEACON ID BIFOLD Front Pocket Wallet

HOJ Co. has a full leather grain bi-fold wallet that has an exterior money clip, 9 credit card slots inside and an exterior card slot to hold your ID. A great slim option for a front pocket wallet under $100.


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