Best Gifts for Tesla Model 3 Owners


The Tesla Model 3 has become one of the most sought out cars in the past year. With so many drivers now moving to an all electrical vehicle, you are bound to know someone who owns one. But what can you buy a Tesla Model 3 owner that they might have not already got from Tesla directly? Well, we have put a list together to do just that.

Model 3 Wireless Phone Charging Pad

The wireless charging pad is a cool addition that all Model 3 owners will love to have. Plugs right into the USB port of the Model 3 and rests perfectly above the armrest console. Then just place any wireless charging capable mobile phone on the pad and it will begin charging your device.

Armrest Console Organizer Tray

The model 3 console is an open hole where items go get lost. Why not keep things organized with the armrest console organizer. Easily slips into place and keeps all your items organized.

Tesla Model 3 Door Protector Anti-Kick Mat

With kids and passengers, your car door is bound to get scratched and dirtied. The anti-kick mat will protect your door from individuals kicking and scratching it.

Hidden Transparent Storage Box fro Tesla Model 3

This is a pretty neat idea. Within the Model 3 compartment there is additional room to add this hidden transparent storage box. Easy to install it can store small items that you want to keep hidden from prying eyes.

Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen Protector

One of the coolest things aside from the autopilot, is the large touchscreen display in the Model 3. Being the main control panel you are going to want to protect it from any scratches or cracks. A touchscreen protector will help with just that.

Chemical Guys Wash Kit

The Chemical Guys Wash Kit is a must for all Tesla Model 3 owners. Having a brand new car means keep it looking brand new. With this kit you will get everything to do just that.


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