Cool Things to Buy on Amazon Under $25


There are a lot of things that someone can purchase on Amazon. Sometimes it can get overwhelming searching for items. We wanted to help a bit by putting together a list of the coolest things under $25 to buy on Amazon.

1Arfun Magnetic Putty

The magnetic putty is something that can be played by kids and adults for hours. A lot of cool things you can do with the putty and the magnet.

2Tile Mate


Ever misplaced your keys? The Tile Mate helps you find anything that you want tracked by using your smartphone by making your tile ring. One the highest purchased items on Amazon for under $25.

3Mini Tabletop Pool Set

This mini tabletop pool set is awesome to have around the house or the office. For under $25, you can’t go wrong.

4Toilet Golf Potty

The toilet golf putty is the best way to decorate your guest bathroom. This will make all your guests get a kick out of being in the bathroom.

5JOEYANK Fidget Cube

Not just a toy, but the fidget cube can help improve focus, relieve anxiety and much more. With multiple cubes, they can each be rotated to make a different shape.

6Katzco Plasma Ball

Katzco Plasma Ball is a cool item to decorate any room with. Shoots electricity within the ball allowing you to touch the glass and watch the lights dance with the movement of your hand.

7Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player

The Roku Express is by far the best item on Amazon that is under $25. Connect it to your TV and stream movies online by cutting the cord.


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